I want one…… maybe when I’m in my VSP dotage 🙂

And at the other end of the extreme electric spectrum - an extremely ugly Lambo with got totally different proportions to their previous mid-mounted transverse engines, yet still seems disappointingly similar to many ICE cars. The interior’s even uglier interior - looks like a cheap night club.

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I’m amazed that a cat that is 1.5m high is described as 'low slung '. My Westfield XI is 0.9m high - now that’s low slung…

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@DrMarkH IMO their whole raison d’être was a howling V12 at full chat, and it was magnificent in the day. Back when I was 16 I was in a garage not far from where I lived trying to wire brush some life into the two knackered spark plugs in my Yamaha when a local rich kid, a guy called Galvin, pulled his misfiring Muria in and told them to replace all twelve plugs, and having done so buzzed off. I was very impressed :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It was six bob a plug, even two were way beyond my means.

Now that a golf buggy can out accelerate super cars (and carry clubs) what’s the point. Cars for rich, look at me idiots IMHO. (Anyway todays Lambos are only a tarted up VWs :joy:)

@_Brian Hard to be low slung with a raft (literally) of batteries underneath you.

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I’d argue that they were equally notable for their radical styling, as opposed to Ferrari whose styling evolved much more gradually from one model to the next. Whereas it’s incredible that the beautiful Miura and the brutal Countach were both designed by Gandini, and just a few years apart. I’m disappointed by the e-Lambo because they’ve used the possibilities offered by losing the large engine to increase passenger and luggage space, rather than create a dramatic visually innovative vehicle in the company’s tradition. This one looks like a cross between an ICE Lambo and rally car.

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And Dakar at that :slightly_smiling_face:

Their target market, perfect.