I want to go home but I can't!

I want to go home but I can't! I hear and see this fairly regularly, for one reason or another, usually financial.

There appear to be a sizable number of immigrants who would like to but are unable to return to their country of origin.

There is a new Facebook page gaining popularity called (link removed by request from page administrator) it is a closed group so I wonder if there is a reluctance to talk about their situation publicly. (I mention that as a journalist has been ejected from this group recently)

This is a public discussion so I suppose we will see who is happy to discuss their plight/circumstance here. There is, of course, nothing to be ashamed of in wanting to return home.

Is there a solution? Can you offer some advice? Could the SFN community do something to assist this group?

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Dont suppose it has much to do with feeling ashamed.....(just passing through and wondering about the FB site and a few of the feelings expressed about the group.,here..)

My guess...nothing at all to with money...much more likely to be divided loyalties IMO. Not wanting to hurt someone . Usually has the biggest hold on most lives...before cash...even tho many dont recognise it. As for ..why forum/secrecy/ etcetc... I prefer to celebrate differences..as long as there's no painful aggro...no causing distress...Go in peace...all of you ...and be whatever you want to be.

just had a glimpse of this thread, as far as I am concerned HOME is WHEREVER YOU LAY YOUR HAT, THAT'S WHAT I CALL HOME.

I still can't access the group?

Because they are paranoid. Simples ;)

Thanks James, its not a big deal but I would like to know the reason for being thrown out...

There are a number of SFN members following this thread who are also members of that group, perhaps one if them can get can ask on your behalf. Any volunteers?

21st July was the date I did my intro so I have no idea why I now have no access, its very strange and annoying

Theo yes home is were you feel good.

And yes I want to contribute to the community.....EXACTLY.

Yes, interesting subject. History is full of soft-expulsions and given the state of the European Union, I believe this subject will surface much more often in the future. The basic question is what is home. For most, I believe, it is where he/she feels good. Well and to feel good he has to contribute to the community to be integrated to be protected from wild administrative flowers.

yes I did

Ah but did you give an introduction?

I joined this group and now for no reason I find I am thrown out....

Nope, terrorists had taken over the area between Corongo, the main town of the pronvice of the same name, and Huaylas so that the 12A and 3N roads for the bus, only public transport, or cars was closed. Even the army could not get through, they took quite a pasting before the road was open. Boy, that was the fastest I have seen a road convoy move in Peru. Suddenly wrecks seemed supercharged!

Shirley, that was nothing. Some of the things I have been in were really hairy. But then the pay for being in a declared war zone is brilliant to make up for it! Would do it all over again with the health, Gaza no problem or Iraq where Isis are cutting people off. It's really the children that count and I am broke enough to ignore my age, the rest of the health knocks it on the head. It's kind of those situations where my heart is and home is somehow just a place.

I was once detained in a 'Lock In' in a bar in Brixham & was not allowed to go until I paid the ransom of 'Drinks All Round' ;-)

Did they let you go without a ransom being paid Brian? :<) I was "detained" once in Spain but I refused to comment without a rep from the Consulate being present so they shrugged their shoulders and let me go..... it was all "a dreadful misunderstanding"...

Owing to a terrorist group known as Sendero Luminoso I was stuck 300km outside Lima without any operating phones (pre-fax and email, but up there most people still don't know what they are). When I got to Lima, Iberia were very sympathetic and let me on the first available flight, I was a mere 34 days late home :-(

I seem always to have been in trouble, so never needed to get into it. Mind you, getting home a month late from Peru is a bit much - I suppose ;-)

I didn't need to commute but still got into trouble!!

I know where home was supposed to be!

For me it should be London where there I had a life of complete contrast....

just like a Southend rock the bright pink lettering of the peppermint mingled

with the white.

I had some amazing times which I created for myself; constructed from imagination

and determination.

Most of you went to posh schools and then on to great jobs.

I had fly by night teachers....a new French teacher every few months and

a rogue as a Headmaster.

I did everything I wanted to do in London and, in spite of a fairly basic

education I could understand what was around me and why my London

was changing it`s complexion.

I am going back to there in Sept to see people.People I love.

I wish that I could still call London home but I will possibly feel

as I did 2 years ago....Issolated from the chaotic traffic and the

people rushing around busy going nowhere.