I Would appreciate advice on French citizenship for my son who 17

Hi All
My 17 year old who has been attending school here in France for over six years would like to take French citizenship and maintain his Irish status. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? and if so what papers does he need to provide.

Many Thanks


Tirez! Laughed out loud at that one Andrew. Thank you for your helpful advice and direction to the site -F

getting citizenship yes, although you can just fill out the forms and apply normally!

learning the language, not really, have you ever heard foreign legion soldiers being interviewed, their French is often terrible, all they need to know is "tirez" !

Oui, je crois merci.

Are you speaking from personal experience?

Bit drastic though - NCP?

joining the Foreign Legion is cool way to learn the Language and acquire French citizenship.

this link explains everything plus you can download the forms direct ;-)


I'm sure they have to be 18 or over and must have lived in France for at least 5 yrs previous to the application (talking about English/Irish children born to non French parents) It can take up to 2 years.

Hi Clare,

Thank you that's a great idea I will have a go at that, handy enough too as the Mayor's office is a couple of doors down!


Our daughter is going to do this when she is 18 our local mayor and neighbor is going to get it in place for her, perhaps have a chat with yours as they are normally more than happy to help. Ours has been great with planning etc. Hope this helps a bit?

good question Fran, I can't answer all of it because my son is 16, an apprentice chef and wants to do the same thing..I'd also appreciate advice.

I've read the requirements here, but it's not the same as speaking with someone who's done it!