Ian Duncan Smith has his House of Commons Credit Card suspended

According to a Freedom of Information request, Ian Duncan Smith is among several MP’s who had their House of Commons credit card suspended after failing to justify expenditure.

This from a man who called for benefit recipients to have payment cards to stop them wasting taxpayers' money on drink and cigarettes!

Is this yet another instance of one rule for them and another for everyone else?


I suppose the crux of it is that he has misused his card privilege whilst wishing to make people receiving benefits have cards that restrict what they buy. I found one gem, it would not enable people to buy electronic alarm clocks. That might mean they could oversleep on sign on day and not have any credit on their cards. No doubt IDS has used the Commons for a fair few naps in his time...

Plain Jane please.

"Rules", yes, must play by the rules. The system allows for this to happen so change the rules.

This is a cross-party issue and such a non-story, just a pity the Daily Wail can't find anything more interesting to print.

Why is anyone surprised ? Love him or loath him people like IDS are hypocritical egoist politicians, so what's new ?

He may have paid the money back but on principle he should have used it within the rules ....and as Jayne said he is always having a go at people on benefits/ also reducing benefits he as an elected MP should behave himself and not take pecuniary advantage ....

Can't see a problem. IDS has repaid the outstanding amount, story over.

Is there nothing else happening in the world ?