ICAD registration

Hi, has anyone recently registered a foreign dog from Romania or the Balkans in the french ICAD system and if so did it go through smoothly?

I am soon to be fostering a dog from abroad in the hope of finding it a home. Due to the new import restrictions on dogs after the breakout of the Ukraine war I am a bit worried that it will all go through smoothly. As I did have problems before with a foreign dog I actually adopted and this was before the war.

I was advised it may be best to get a eu passport first? Is that correct? The dog arrives with health certificate and passport all in order through traces.
Any help or advice great fully appreciated

It’s obviously simpler if it has an EU passport when it arrives in country - but not by much.

Our none EU rescue arrived this year - take to vets within 7 days ,- vet completes something on the computer - you get a letter to send to ICAD along with copies of passport stuff and 10’ish euros and a week later your ICAD docs arrive.

It will have the right paper if it’s transported anyway.

Thanks for the information