I'd give a King's ransom to be on that committee

I’d fillet them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Or a fly on the wall.
Will this be televised on BBC Parliament?
The Select Committees do give those coming before them a hard time.
Fujitsu be afraid, be very afraid!

@Jane_Williamson - If not on BBC, then this is an option
Parliamentlive.tv - Committees.

Business/Trade committee is meeting Tuesday 16th at 10am


Did anyone else notice that the ex- chancellor and Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi was playing himself in the scenes of the select committee enquiry in the drama?

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You could hardly miss the odious toad.


I just speed read that and spluttered my tea🤣


Yes. :slight_smile:

Yes I did, and despite my opinion of him, I thought he made a very realistic job of it.
But as I didn’t see the original real committee hearing I don’t know if he was as fierce then as when he was acting the part.

He wasn’t. The original footage was shown on the TV recently. Interestingly, the TV program seemed to have used the same, or almost the same words as the original. He was nowhere near as forthright in the original though, almost polite.

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I suspected as much, I bet he was thrilled to be invited then.
I wonder if he had to join Equity. :thinking:

That’s a bit harsh. I’ve just stumbled upon this clip on YouTube showing both the original footage and the dramatised version.

I can’t quite believe I’m defending Zahawi here - I normally wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire - but he did grill both women robustly, and was clearly frustrated at their dismissive answers.


From what I remember, seeing the original on TV, he was probing and wanted answers, but nowhere near as angry or shouty as on the TV program. Maybe it was the clip they showed, about 20s of it.

Same tie though :grin: I wonder if he wore the actual tie or if ITV managed to source the same design.

Been there,done that.

Absolutely no point unless investigations are carried out by experts. The contractors will walk away after proving that the purchasers were working under budgetary restraints and failed to provide adequate management of the design and implementation.
The ability of lay people to carry out any kind of inquiry was proved to me when I sat in the public gallery of a case of fraud that I had no interest in while waiting for a meeting.
It was evident that neither the judge nor the prosecuting for council had the the faintest idea of how a balance sheet worked and what faith could be put into it.


Exactly. (CEO) “So what do the accounts show for this year?” (Big 4 executive) “The question is, what do you want them to show?”

Let Alan Bates ask the questions… like where did the money go? I would love to see some of them do time!

Yes, he’s a discredited merchant that should’t have been let near the production.