Ideas for a Retreat location needed


I am a life coach in the US with a passion to help women (and some enlightened men) dig deep into themselves to embrace their true selves and find their true calling.

I am looking for feedback on a location for my first annual transformational retreat for women in France. I want to create a 5-day program that allows the participants to escape their daily demands and really spend time reflecting on who they are, what they really want, and then leaving with a roadmap for how to go after it.

Most, if not all, of the women will be Americans coming from the US, so I think I need to find a location that is easily accessible by train from Paris. They will be making their own travel arrangements and I want to limit the drama as much as possible. I also think that easy access in and out of Paris will create an opportunity for participants to add on a few days to be in Paris if they choose.

What regions would be best to look at for a retreat center in April 2013 that could host up to 12 of us and is accessible for wine tasting, cooking lessons, art lessons and some sight seeing? I know that the weather can be unpredictable in April so which regions are generally a little warmer that time of year?

Thanks for your ideas and input! (Staring at a map of France hasn't been helping.)

And another thought just occurred to me.... would American/English speaking women already living in France want to attend this sort of event as well?

-- Kim

I have a friend with a B&B in N. Provence, a very nice spot near Vaison la Romane. It is Le Vieux Figuier. April is a good time as the weather is getting better and yet the summer traffic isn't heavy.

there are beautiful places in normandy, only two hours in the train from paris. Honfleur for example, beautiful countryside and port with many small galleries etc. weather in Normandy is very changeable, sure it can rain; and isnt that so refreshing, also you can have beautiful spring days.

Thanks for this information. I will look at flight patterns to and from Nice. That would really be a lovely option if I can make it work. Would prefer south France just for the weather factor. I have been in Paris in April twice and both times got lucky with the weather. But this year my boyfriend said it was cold and rainy most of the month.

I think a retreat near Paris would be lovely for site seeing, but did you know it's still very cold and rainy in Paris in April. The airport in Nice is one of the largest international airports in france and the weather in the south is better in April as opposed to the more northern areas. I know some one that owns a nice Gite, 1 hour from Nice,he speaks pretty good english too. Contact me if you want more info.