Identichip France

Morning all, does anyone out there know how or where you register your dog in France so that if they are lost, once scanned they can be traced back to you. I have trawled around the internet but can’t find anything that looks like it might do the same job as Identichip in the UK. About 20 months ago I sorted my last pup’s pastport so he has been chipped. Several weeks later I received Certificate D’Indentification with all his details, but no guidance as to registration in case he got lost Any ideas, thoughts would be much appreciated. Pat

Hi Pat,
If you have the certificat d’identification then the dog is registered here in France.
Check on the ID certificat that all of your details are correct and if not it should inform you on the reverse how to alter it.
If the details are correct you have no worries as in the event that the dog is lost, the chip will say who the owners is

Many thanks, I’ll have word with my vet next time I’m there! Pat

That is easy go see your Vet in France and he will do the rest… G .

Hi Pat, my cats have UK chips. I spoke to my vet here in France and for a fee of around 10 euro the cats chip nos. were re-registered by him for France. I guess this would be similar for dogs as well. When we found a lost dog we took it to our vet as we could not find a tattoo. After an on line check we found the owner’s address. Hope this helps.

Hi our friends have registered their dog in the UK and in France. In France their vet did it for them, perhaps worth a try.