Identifying undeclared pools

This method of homing in on undeclared pools will be countrywide very soon.

No idea if it’s beneficial to apply for retrospective permission before being “found out”…

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We have a predator drone that flies across our house almost once a week doing the surveyance for this purpose, also spotting illegal extensions and the likes. I had a radio message from Limoges ATC warning me to keep a look out for it as it was in my area. Saw it about a mile off the port wing.

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How big are these drones?

Do they um… fly in hunting season? If fullsize humans out walking and cycling are being mistaken by “hunters” for furred and feathered game then surely the size of drones would be proportionate and therefore unfortunately be at risk of the same fate? Especially with some of the longrange rifles in use.

I can just imagine how urgent it would suddenly become, after so many years, to make hunting safe in France if there’s even one fatality.

I wonder if ponds are included in that . :thinking: :rofl:

simply for anyone interested in where private (ie non-professional) drones cannot fly:

tap in your postal code and commune…

they have a wingspan of about 6 to 10 metres. They are military drones that the tax offices can hire to scope out the areas for illegal buildings/pools etc. They generally fly at about 4 - 6000 ft and are very quiet so i doubt if a hunter would hear them or even look up. The one i saw was flying above me and i was at 3500 feet. The traffic warning system showed it to be at around 5000 feet.

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I’m scanning Ebay for a personal Patriot system to protect my slightly “undeclared” arbri voiture.

When my neighbour sold his house some years ago he had to “demolish” a sort of shed that had no planning and was bang up against our boundary, not that we minded. After the sale went through the new owner just “undemolished” it with the “debris”.

Just disguise it with camouflage netting or a living roof.

So much for french privacy rules, good job its not summer can you imagine what they will photograph :flushed:

Sadly my unadorned summer swimming in the pond must come to an end, previously totally invisible on all 4 sides (and above) by trees and the house, the owner has now started clearing all the underbrush on her side of the fence. She had previously cut down the trees but left alone to take advantage of the new light, the brambles took over and provided ample cover. Not any more, but it does look much nicer. :smiley:

Winter swimming is unaffected, with no leaves, it wasn’t only the trees that were revealed. :rofl:

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