This is a quick visit to tell many people who might just wish to celebrate that I have read IDS's resignation letter. Have a look then take a deep breath before gasping in exasperation. Even then he is clearly not exactly telling the truth about it all going too far given all he has done to make lives miserable since 2010. Let's hope his successor is more humane. Given Osborne's regime, I am not especially optimistic though.

Well I was as sceptical as the rest of you (as I believe that he is supposed to be responsible for non- Euro pensioners, frozen pensions in such places as Australia...indefensible !).....

But, have just watched the BBC news and notice that one or two people are standing up to defend Baroness Stroud...whose Wikkipedia entry states that

"Stroud spent seventeen years in poverty-fighting projects and published a book on social injustice. In 1987-89 she worked in Hong Kong and Macau amongst the addict community. From 1989-96 she pioneered a four-stage residential support project in Bedford enabling homeless people to move off the streets and to become contributing members of the community. From 2001-2003 Stroud developed a project to care for addicts, the homeless and those in debt in Birmingham.[4]"

Maybe he's not so bad after all ?

Or perhaps this is something to do with the possible Brexit.....and a future leadership contest ?

Interesting to see how this pans out...

Stephen Crabb appointed as new work and pensions secretary to replace Iain Duncan Smith, PM says

IDS has suddenly developed a conscience it seems. If only he had managed to get my Winter Fuel Allowance back to me before resigning I would have thought more of him. More than likely squeezed out by call me dave the ca-moron as he was an OUT voter in the EU Referendum.

Well Mr Cameron didn't appreciate the announce and flounce tactic:

"That is why we collectively agreed – you, No 10 and the Treasury – proposals which you and your Department then announced a week ago. Today we agreed not to proceed with the policies in their current form and instead to work together to get these policies right over the coming months.

In the light of this, I am puzzled and disappointed that you have chosen to resign."

I bet The 1922 Committee are arranging a meeting as we tap !

Todays headline in The Sun

"Beware the IDS of March"

It's right up there with

"Phew, wot a scorcher"


"Will the last person to leave Britain put the lights out ?"

Many political commentators are saying he gave himself up before being sacked. It's certainly a great publicity stunt for his Brexit campaign.Don't worry, he will be back as Foreign Sec or Chancellor in the upcoming Boris Johnson government.

Watch this space..

And Brutus is an honorable man

"Honest guv I was forced into it by them big boys" What a load of blame shifting tosh. He even manages to include the Tory myth about the perilous public finances of the country when the Tories took over. Good riddance but I wouldn't be surprised to see an even worse replacement.