If good food interests you... this site might be worth a look

I’ve just spotted my favourite chef doing his stuff in Perigueux on transmission France 3: 29/12/17… “Meteo à la carte.” yum yum

there’s lots to choose from though… and I rather fancy the pancake with leeks and scallops…


Monday to Friday at 12h55… TV France 3. Looks interesting, although I can’t get TV but I can get these replay sessions.

Does anyone actually watch French TV ??

Just finished watching a series called Les Temoins but that was on BBC4!
Another one called Spiral starts tonight…

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I’ll wait and see what the reviews are like… then buy the dvd… perhaps…:slight_smile:

A neighbour was very excitedly telling me that she had watched Downton Abbey on French TV Christmas Eve…and she recognized some of the singing from our village carol session… :slight_smile:

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Oui, bien sûr Stella. I do not have ‘British television’ (don’t want it) I do however watch some great documentaries on Arte in the evening, and keep abreast of regional and national news. Mum likes watching Midi, a programe that is on just before lunchtime that is broadcast live from various regions in France. Despite her not speaking French she manages to understand this ! Generally though French tv is pretty poor and I could easily do without a television, in fact I didn’t have a tv for several years, and didn’t miss it !:slight_smile:


Hi Ann

Well, as I’ve said…we have no TV… just dvd’s for the winter… but having found France3 Replay on my computer, I shall make use of it from time to time for Recipes and the like. Always good to hear the language and the visual helps with the understanding…

Hi Stella
Didn’t realise that there was a France3 Replay available on computer. That could be interesting for some of the travel documentaries that I love watching. Thanks for the tip .
I do use my computer for the BBC Radio Ipods so that mum can catch up with ‘The Archers’, it’s often shunted off the radio to make way for cricket !

I hope that you and yours have a Happy and Healthy New Year 2018 ! :tada: :fireworks:

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Ann…yes, the link above is to the Replay…stuff is only available for 30 days I believe…

Happy New Year to you too…:sparkler:

Stella, what prevents you getting French TV? You asked if anyone watches French TV, I do, I have no UK TV, I left Britain a long time ago and it holds no attraction to me.
Ann, do you listen to Radio 4 via the internet? If so select Radio 4 FM, it is never interrupted by the cricket.

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Hi David… frankly, I found it was a time-waster in UK … and I admit to being afraid I will watch too much here…

We quite happily ration ourselves to sitting by the fire and watching dvd’s in the winter months…

and, now that I have found it…I shall be happy scanning France3 Replay (on my computer) for recipes… as I adore having a go…:grin:

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Thanks David

Happy New Year :fireworks::fireworks:

My husbands favourite programme is ‘Midi en France’ unfortunately it has now changed. It used to be 50 minutes and I think is now 35mins. The cooking slot has changed and is shortened. They still film it from a different place every week but it isn’t as good :frowning:

I’m recording Spiral, watched the first episode last night (said it was made in conjunction with BBC Four so maybe a joint venture). The accents are very strong so if using to learn French it’s not the best. Looks like it will be a great story but episode one is a bit grizzly! We enjoyed witnesses. We live in Scotland and have uk and French tv.