"IF YOU EVER GET TO HEAVEN" available at last!

It's been a very hectic and exciting few months for us, with a house move (to Bas-en Basset - apparently the 'petit Nice' of the Auvergne!)

The opening of Joe's spectacular "Show Me" in Berlin:

And the beginnings of an exciting recording/photographic studio-build in our new big garage:

And so to the film...:![](upload://d5VDyrweZuJp3Gv4ATSvsruq0Oh.jpeg)

We've spent the last year or so trying all avenues to get a distribution deal for our film, "If you ever get to heaven" but to no avail, and so we've decided to take matters into our own hands and distribute it ourselves through the excellent Fillim.com.

Fillim is a brilliantly run site, where you open an account (for free) and then you can choose to buy, rent (or in some cases watch for free) from the comprehensive collection of films they have on offer. It costs us nothing to screen through them,(they simply take a cut of our sales) so mercifully there's no up-front cost for us.

We're so excited to finally be able to offer a way of viewing the film to all the wonderful people who've supported us for so long. Please take a look if you have a moment, and 'like' our facebook page to help spread the word! The film is available with or without French subtitles and is ideal viewing for all the family!

Here's the trailer (with subtitles):

I recently showed the film to some of my lycée students (a bold move!) and they absolutely loved it, which was a huge boost!

Would love to hear your thoughts on it...

Thanks for reading!

Thanks James! Hope you enjoy it!

Looking forward to watching this weekend :) Love the typeface on the cover by the way.

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Apologies if you read the draft of this post that I was too tired to write last night... and seemed to have "posted" in error instead of "saving as draft"!

Please read again.. this one makes a little more sense! Thanks!