If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise ? Maybe

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Just keep away from the red/white speckled ones… :open_mouth:

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From last year… but still good advice… and… if in any doubt…do ask the Pharmacist to identify your booty…

(Paul Flinders) #4

I thought that was a bit of a myth?

(stella wood) #5

Oh no… they usually have a huge poster up in the window around this time of year. Please do ask their advice… all part of the service… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

(Paul Flinders) #6

Our (English) lawn gives a very good crop of puffballs and shaggy ink caps at this time of year - both edible if you catch them at the right time but I have never been brave enough.

(stella wood) #7

I only eat mushrooms that I can buy in the shops in UK…

But here in France, we have been treated to some fabulous dishes involving various fungi we have picked for ourselves, in the woods near friends’ houses (but always under strict instruction). :laughing:

(Timothy Cole) #8

Certainly not a myth about asking in a pharmacy, youngest daughter works in a pharmacy and they are inundated over the winter with people bringing in specimens.

(Paul Flinders) #9

Fair enough - it was just that I recalled a documentary saying that many pharmacists were not getting any training in mycology these days.

(stella wood) #10

It may well be that in some areas not all of those serving in a Pharmacy will be as knowledgeable as their colleague(s) … but I think you will find that there is always someone who does “know it all”… thank goodness. :relaxed:

There are regular conferences/gathering/training sessions for pharmaciens in order to keep their knowledge up to date. There are so many accidental poisonings in France that this is a very important subject.

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(Richard Carpenter) #12

Tread carefully. The big surprise might be a bullet from a local hunter.

(Mark Robbins) #13

I know what Girolles look like, that’s enough for me. Most of the others look pretty disgusting.

(Ann Coe) #14

It’s not the look that counts but the taste ! :fearful: I have tried some strange looking fungi, but only ones that have been picked and cooked by a knowledgable French friend. Apparantly there are different ways to cook different fungi, in any case all the ones I have been served were very good. :smiley:

(Ann Coe) #15

Funny you should say that Rocker, the best place for mushrooms around here is in an immense local forest. It’s owned by Parisiens who bring their friends down once a year for a big hunt. Despite the warning notices we all know when they are there so everyone sneaks in during the mushroom season and it’s a free for all !

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If you are going into the woods… Watch out for Chasse signs… be aware of your surroundings…

Take Care…

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Increase in poisonings this season… so be very careful which fungi you eat…