If you want to vote in the EU referendum

Just thought a few of you may notknow this, I found this out from a friend on Facebook. If you want to vote in the EU referendum you have to register on gov.uk web site. Just because you're on the electoral register doesn't mean you can vote. It's a referendum and not an election. So if you want to vote, get registered. Apparently the info was on the back if the pro EU blurb the government sent us all.

A quote from the website:

Who can vote in the referendum?

British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens aged 18 or over who are resident in the UK or Gibraltar will be eligible to vote. UK citizens resident overseas will also be eligible to vote, provided they have been registered to vote at a UK address in the last 15 years.

So if you want to vote and are eligible, why not register, I will be.

Hope this helps some people.



that's great info Eddie! It's pretty easy to sign up - but you need to get on with it!

x teresa