If you've used the Péages.. you'll have to pay-up

I was wondering what would happen… someone has to pay for the upkeep… and now, of course, the dreadful damage done to the péage booths etc… :thinking::hushed::zipper_mouth_face:

And rightly so! Vinci Southwest alone estimate they’ve lost ‘tens of millions’ but many of their clients have been calling in offering to pay their dues! As Vinci say - it’s just not right that some autoroute users pay and some don’t.

In any case they’ll be sending out payment requests by mail, they’ll not be treating the ‘free-rides’ as fraud and no fines will be applied - as they would have been under ‘normal’ toll evasion circumstances.

Here’s our local update: Vinci va faire payer les usagers qui ont bénéficié des péages gratuits en Occitanie


Hello Simon, nice to see that you are back ‘around the table’, have missed your posts !

In case you have to leave early because the ‘baby sitter’ needs to go home, I will take this time to wish you all the best for the season, good health and happiness to you and your loved ones :wine_glass::wine_glass::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::fireworks::champagne::champagne:

Ann how lovely and thanks very much. I hope you’re well - I’ve picked up on a few of your posts and you seem to be en forme! I’ll try to be ‘selective’ and well behaved and see how it goes. I’ve had an ‘interesting’ few months but have kept an eye on SFN - quite a few giggles and gasps!!
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Enjoy the holiday season and the people you love!!

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Yes it is remarkable how few of the Yellow Vests have understood the costs of their violent actions (minority or not they are all guilty by association).
Also so few seem to understand the role of Insurance Companies. They are NOT charitable, kindly institutions as ramparts for misdeeds - they are commercial enterprises making a profit (and investing heavily it should be noted in things like Pension Schemes).
Their actuaries will even now be determining what losses they have to bear with payouts on burnt cars, property, theft etc., and calculating a) how to get that back and b)how to reduce the risks in the future. They only have ONE weapon/tool (call it what you will) to do this which is through increases of insurance payments. As it is almost impossible to isolate out the real thugs and hooligans this means we will all have to pay.
Now I see these people are now going to stand in the European Elections? The mind boggles.