Ifor Williams Horse Box renovation - advice needed!

Hi everyone

I’ve bought a 1994 Ifor Wiliams Horse Trailer, HB510R. It has some issues which I’m dealing with (no CG for one which will be a problem as it’s older than the first one certified for import to France so there is no CoC available). Need to speak to @anon90504988 about that!

Q1. For now I need to know if the current wiring loom supports a reversing light (does it even need one?), I assume not but it’s no problem to add one but which pin of the 7 runs that? I think I’ll change the whole loom anyway but don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

Q2. Does the reversing light go on the right or lhs look at it from the back?


Maybe use a ready made trailer board? Don’t know how that would affect any conformity requirements though.

That’s a good suggestion but I would like it to look as original as possible, already bought the light clusters too.

No idea but I get all my spare parts for Ifor williams from Watabled a French company. They post at a reasonable price and have a web page with all the accessories down to nuts and bolts.

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Thanks @loupblanc excellent info!

Barlow trailers have been incredibly helpful, just spend 20 minutes on the phone with them, parts coming next week.


Check the floor that is my suggestion I now French maker cheval liberte had problems with the floors so one horse fell tru the floor on the move i think the had to put the horse down

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Yeah I’ve heard horror stories of horses falling through, this one has a newish aluminium deck :slight_smile:

On a complete digression, I saw the title of the post and wondered what old welsh poets had to do with horse boxes. Now I know - nothing!

That’s because they are from Lancashire, of course.



If you have a 7 pin system I would be surprised if the loom has anything other than the Following.
L Yellow Left hand turn
Blue Rear Fog
31 White Earth
R Green Right turn
58R Brown Tail Light etc
54 Red Stop lights
58L Black Tail lights,number plate etc

if you want revering lights, Interior / outside light then you have to use another 7 pin plug and socket system.

If you want help PM me.

Thanks, I’ve ordered 13 pin cable and socket so I can use 8 wires

Who are? With a forename like Ifor [pronounced Eevorr] and an address in Denbighshire, not lfor Willimas for sure. Maybe l haven’t woken up properly this morning, and l’m missing something.


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Since we’re talking trailers… does anyone know where I can get locking wheel bolts for a Erdé 190? They seem to have a strange thread angle.

Thought l may not be properly awake!!


Ifor Williams also lives in Europe!
If you go to any agricultural or horse show you will see their boxes.

Indeed. For a sheep farmer from a little village in North Wales, the boy done good!

Thinking of buying a friends ifor Williams horse trailer which is in the UK and selling mine.
Has anyone brought over a UK trailer and successfully got a French carte grise for it.

U.K. trailers can be difficult to register but Ifor Williams trailers are usually pretty straightforward. If I was you I would find the chassis number of the horse box then contact Ifor Williams to check that you can get a CoC for it. If you can registering it should be no problem.