Ignorant and misinformed - "the British people have spoken" on Brexit


How does this man read my thoughts… :wink:


Ditto but realistically the politicians are now irrecovably comitted to the path of Brexit.

Excellent video James.

Could not put it better than that.

As I always keep mentioning, throwing our potential future away, on an advisory referendum is not the most sensible thing, without proper research and engagement with the population, who will be definitely worse off, short-term.



He mentioned that a decision such as Brexit needs at least a two-thirds majority … but the decision to join the EU was 67% … less than the bar he’s set. Just saying!.

I’m lost. 67% is greater than 2/3 which is equal to 66.666666666666666666%.


I hold up my hand, you’re right. Late night and no morning coffee yet. Mea culpa! Make fun of me as you will … :slight_smile:


Alternative thirds :wink:


I don’t often agree with Richard Dawkins, but he has it spot on this time.
It looks as though the Commons will not back the amendments put forward by the Lords, so it will be Theresa May on her own. Dangerous times. She can’t get the British Budget right, so God help us with the Brexit negotiations.

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Proof that ‘The Will of the People’ does not have to be followed if it is deemed to be inappropriate. Mind you I suppose that the name of a boat might be seen to be more important than the economic future of a country and its people.
‘Boaty McBoatface’ to leave port

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Where have you been for the last 40 years…There was never a vote to join the EU…the UK agreed to join the COMMON MARKET … It also agreed to join the EEC in 1975 also known as the Common Market referendum (67%…however this was not legally binding owing to the Parliamentary Sovereignty)…completely different ball game from the EU.

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