Ikea otrolig hob

Hi, We have the above hob (Model 40303934) bought from IKEA Bordeaux last year, delivered in June 2019 and installed by our builder. When we arrived last October one of the plates did not work but we could not access the serial number and could do nothing about it. We now have that info. The service manual is in France of course. Now due to lockdown we have not been back. We would like to get the service people out when we go over in August and have been given a Service no. by IKEA Bordeaux. This is apparently for Electrolux - +33 1 70 36 0205.
However the number appears to be unattended or not working.
Does anyone happen to have the service contact details for this Ortolig hob ?!!
Thank you.


if you bring up the product number on IKEA and click on
‘product details’
there is another button on the right for documentation

Thank you.
it seems we were given a wrong no. and have now been given the right one!