IKEA plumbing


We are planning yo do some work on the bathroom this Winter- I say we, our French plumber will be doing the connecting bits. Does anyone know if bathroom bits from IKEA in France are produced to connect easily to the French system of plumbing? I have memories of a friend in England who had all sorts of problems connecting up an IKEA bathroom to the existing plumbing in his house.

Thanks in advance


A proper plumber will have no problem with IKEA kit.


Agree, I like Ikea gear, I’ve always used it with no problems

He’s got SARL after his name. Does that make him a proper plumber /give me some sort of comeback if things go wrong?

Should be - it’s the French approximate equivalent of a UK limited company

My comment was slightly tongue in cheek; I merely meant to imply that using IKEA stuff would not be problem to any competent person. However, if the guy has a SARL that does plumbing then he shouldn’t have any issues.

Regarding comeback; if you supply materials their suitability &/or longevity are not the installer’s problem i.e. their insurance would not apply if there was any claim due to, say, a faulty tap (as opposed to a badly installed tap, which would definitely be the installer’s problem).


Yes, as I understand it… the Professional doing the work has an Insurance which covers not only the quality of his/her workmanship but whatever bits and bobs that Professional supplies.

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Exactly, but not stuff that the client supplies themselves.

Correct… making it a mix and match… some covered, some not… might be too complicated for a satisfactory outcome…I would have thought.

but each person has their own take on things… and the budget generally rules at the time.

We bought a kitchen for the gîte from IKEA with sink and dishwasher etc, I built it and plumber plumbed it in…All works just fine.

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That’s great… what we’re discussing is who is responsible for what… if there is a problem some time down the line …
With you… if there’s a problem with the plumbing it will be only what the plumber provided and the work he did. Fair enough.