I'm back


I am back! I have some kind of microchip cardiac monitor sewn in my chest but probably nothing wrong with my ticker. Yesterday I was wired up for the upper floor, just in case what I am getting happens to be epileptic seizures or the like, but lots more testing to go. Well, I cannot go around just casually breaking shoulders - now can I?

Lots of thanks to James there for helping my better half get to terms with the scammer who decided to have a go. As James established, anything to do with Spain is actually more associated to an answering machine somewhere in Nigeria that myself ensconsed in the hospital in Bergerac after throwing some kind of nasty wobbler during a nap.

Just to let you all know that gangs of fun was had writing to banks to protect accounts, etc, getting my e-mail address book restored and attempting to recover e-mails. As one and all can imagine, I am so grateful to this scammer that I might just exercise my good hand for grabbing a throat with one and shaking just as well. Ah well, would wish you better luck next time BUT I'd rather have revenge!!!!

So, to people who were confused, concerned, ripped off or worse, I'm OK and grateful for all time expended on moi meme and as and when I shall reciprocate. As for the health, nobody including me knows what it is about, so forget that and at the same time learn from my not-secure-enough self for your own security purposes.

I agree, but there is a difference that is not readily understood between allergy and intolerance.

true jane, but if one is allergic to something they final come in contact with... I've never had food intolerances and given how many countries I have eaten in. allergy is a throw in that makes some sense but would be right in at the heavy extreme end - however neurology must still be favourite.

I think it highly unlikely that you have developed an allergy that you have not encountered so far.

It is possible that you have an intolerance to something which has now built up to a level sufficient to cause you a problem, but you should have had some inkling of that before now. I speak from personal experience, it took me until I was forty to find out that I had intolerances to certain foodstuffs. The medics put me down as "difficult". I haven't changed!!

Wow, what a treat. I can start something with "Hey Joe!" Not sure I am up to War and Peace type efforts right now. I am still unravelling the internet mess. I found somebody twice tried to create aliases on my Cambridge e-mail account on 27 April - last Friday when I was in hospital and unable to get online by hook or by crook, so I have been properly hacked into. So I have to go to see some gendarme folk on top of all the other sorting I am doing. banks appear safe at least, which is bottom line after all.

yes, jane me too. there I am with something sewn inside me and the prospect of more electrodes on my head to have a look there. somebody has also suggested allergies should be looked into. well, yes, but great big chunks of life are taken up by with me when in reality my work which is for other human beings, children especially, interests me more. I am quite aware of being a mere mortal and take that into account and kind of think that one way or the other one's days are always less anyway and whilst I am not in a hurry to shuffle off the mortal coil and all that, it does not impinge too much, there's far more much more important that me to be getting on with.

but barbara, hohum, the hearts idea for good hospitals perhaps, just about everybody I speak to who heras which one I was in wonders how I am as well as I am.

Good to see your back. Naw, don't mean it that way :) Looking forward to your next "war and peace" epic posting.

I am sorry to hear that you have had such a lot to contend with all at once.

I hope that the medics find out what caused your "wobbly" and it can be dealt with.

Good luck!

Good idea Michelin stars...IN THE shape of small hearts would that be appropriate.

NOMINATIONS for hospital of the year.

I think we should set up something like the stars for hotels for hospitals in France. I suggest something appropriate like amputations or kidney stones. Certainly my experiences of one thus far, but files apparently lost or withheld and other bits of unhelpful muddle are not encouraging. Twice in dock and twice had difficulty leaving with a complete medical file (that is how it should be here) and senior medical and nursing staff advising going elsewhere out of hearing range of colleagues - well, not kinda encouraging... Oh well, let's see how this pans out now and this includes the 'going down' as well as surviving in France. I'll keep it light though, you might have noticed that the slightly grimmer only urges me on. Wellllll, it could get yer down, couldn't it?

I was more than happy to to send the money to your Spanish friends, I just hope that the thousand Euros went some way towards helping you outta there!

Welcome back Bri

NIce to have you back Brian

yeah, limping about on one hand is no fun, being docked in any hospital anywhere in the world is less. typically none of them know what I have got, so it is getting very tempting to set up a sort of quiz. what has his nibs got? well, head, given the amount of damage it has had over the years gotta be the starting point, had loads of electrodes attached yesterday and over the next few weeks there shall be loads more. then I have to bear my chip in mind, record what my ticker does. this means I shall have to be kept totally clear of places where bikinis are worn, for instance, or else I'll probably be getting myself in trouble plus being accused of sexism to boot (as if, well I do prefer one to the other and yeah, sorry fellers, ain't you).

Soo pleased to see you back Brian, just love your posts! Hope you are back to 'full' health soon! Take care xxx

spoil yourself and enjoy the sunshine...BEAMING through the windows.

Welcome back, Brian. Sorry to hear you've had so put to contend with, but happy to see you've managed to keep your sense of humour.

Stay well.

V xx

Good to see you back Brian, I was on the verge of calling Ron and organising a search party! life's never dull in your neck of the woods, I hope things settle down asap. Take it easy, andrew ;-)

Welcome back Brian, and hope you are doing ok today.