I'm Going Mad! Can someone see the 4 clubs?

Just playing this game, while having a tea break.

Am I going crazy? Where’s the four of clubs???

Err, yes, that’s interesting.

There isn’t a full set of cards showing? And no other 4’s… what game is it?

Says Freecell at the top, Jane!

No 1s or 2s either

They are under the stacked cards on the home piles.


In the bottom corner it states there are 30 cards left. 28 in the stacks and 2 present at the top = 30 - bizarre as no 4 of clubs showing!

Glad it’s not just me!

And 3+6+7+5 is 21, plus the 32 in play is 51 cards.

Very odd.

Just googled and found this …

“One of the most common problems is that you’ll find one or more of the cards in the deck has gone completely missing or there are duplicates. This is usually just your browser having a little wedgie. With Windows you can force a reload of the game by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing F5, or clicking the Reload/Refresh icon up by your browser’s address bar (also while holding down the Ctrl key). This makes the browser re-fetch everything and this will likely restore the tangled card(s).”

At the moment I’ve left it open just to see if anyone had come across this. I am now going to see if I can finish the game. I will report back shortly. :grin:

Yup, it let me finish as it did an auto-finish once I’d sorted them all out and released the five. I couldn’t see the four, but so far as the underlying software was concerned, it was there. All I saw was the five going straight on top of the three.


Back to the important things in life, like gardening. :grin:

Duh! I don’t play it /know of it so didn’t pick up on that…

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It’s my go-to game when all I want to do is clear my head while having a cup of tea. It’s almost like a meditation - needs little or no left brain activity - except when a four of clubs is missing!


My go to is Barte Bonte’s games -currently doing Pink. I have to turn sound off as his music drive me insane, but if you have android or iOs it doesn’t’ allow you to think about anything else but the flamingos.