I'm New In France

Hi there everybody,
I’m new to France arrived three weeks ago. Staying in temporary accommodation at my brother’s place but can’t stay for ever…he need his space too.

I am seriously looking for a live -in position of work in any area of France.
My brother has been here for 18 yrs and therefore I have come and gone many times…in my time…but now i want to stay.

I have a CV for anybody interested maybe to view, but I’m highly experienced in garden / landscape / fruit farm / green keeping / and labouring…
(and nearly completed my degree in Digital Art and Technology so I have knowledge of web design, games development, mobile app development).

My french language in the past has been better but that’s just down to using it (use it or lose it) I tend to try to use it…

So anybody slightly interested please have a read…More seriously interested…drop me a line
Any advice will always be appreciated

Many thanks for taking the time