Immatriculation for a UK car

The new all-online ‘Immatriculation’ sites have defeated me! I’m sure we all know that feeling. Please can someone help?
I have decided to keep my RH-drive car, simply because of the cost involved in selling it and buying a LH replacement.
I have registered with ANTS - got my CT; and Cert de Conformité etc. All the info is clear in the .gouv sites. I have followed exactly the ‘Démarches pour immatriculer un véhicule importé de l’étranger’.
But when you go onto the ANTS site I cannot find anywhere to upload the necessary Application and supporting docs for this specific foreign car situation.
Can anyone guide me to it, please?

Sosanglo check them out they can do it for you

If you are determined to do it yourself this youtube video takes you through it

but as said it is easier to have it done for you by someone who is familiar with the process and knows exactly what to look out for.
For many administrative procedures I am a great believer in doing things yourself so that you understand how they work and what the consequences and implications are, but when it comes to things like registering a car on ANTS you don’t really need to understand it if someone will do it for you. All you need is for it to get done correctly and then there shouldn’t be any consequences.

A local garagiste does UK cars for 25€… "just like that… " :hugs:

Many thanks for your replies - and the Youtube link is excellent, and gave me the bit of information I needed - thanks.
Having lived in France for 20 years I’m used to having a go and ‘doing it yourself’ - there were no such organisations as SOSanglo (or ‘Survice France’) in those days!

Well done Michael and glad the link helped👍