Immatriculation obligatoire à RCS ou RM

I'm an AE (Professional libérale) and I have just received a notice from URSSAF about "immitraculation obligatoire" as far as I can see this doesn't apply to me it gives 2 options "si vous êtes commerçant" "...artisan" but "dans tout cas" i must proved necessary documentation. When initially registered as an AR none of my occupations required immatriculation with the ocal chamber of commerce or whatever (web site creater, programmer and business administration).

Has this changed or am I right in reading this as not applying to myself?

We have received the notification that we are obliged to register on the RCS before 18th December and there may or may not be a 75€ payment (not clear if it applies to AEs who are already operational). I can't see any sanctions for what will happen if we don't register...

Anybody else got further news or an update on this topic?

Here is the text sent by CCI:

Tout auto-entrepreneur, qui exerce une activité commerciale et a déclaré son activité avant le 19 décembre 2014, a désormais l'obligation de demander son immatriculation au registre du commerce et des sociétés (RCS).

Vous avez jusqu'au 18 décembre 2015 pour accomplir la formalité

I got one of these a while back and I ignored it - so far nothing bad has happened to me ;-)

If you are paying RSI then you are in the clear. Two of us here; been there, done it and expect to have the same as you again and do the same as before. Namely, ignore it.