Immobiliers around the Regions- Fancy linking up?

Hi All,

I keep checking the weather on my desktop thingy, initiially to check how things are going at our house in Brittany - we’re due there again soon. It’s not surprising that most places in France are fairing better weather-wise than Blighty…which is just one of the many things (as you know) better about France than Britain. I know I don’t need to start a list - you’re all way ahead of me!

By the way… Here’s a quick photo of the climax of the Son et Lumiere at the Abbey of Bon Repos in the Cotes d’Armor. They ‘burn down’ the Abbey every night over a two week period in August as part of a spectacle that involves 400 actors, 50 horses, a pack of hounds, joisting, mock battles a drag hunt… and they even make it snow. If you don’t come to the Cotes for any other reason - come for the the Pays de Conomor!

But if any of you kind folk - wherever you are in ‘La Belle’… have friends who are estate agents - I should qualify that as I know that estate agents (UK style) aren’t always the same as Immobiliers in France and not either amongst those that you might like to count as friends! But I am keen to meet up with immo’s from just about anywhere in France but especially those Regions/Departments with a ‘ring’ to them. Here I’m thinking Picardy, Paris, Burgundy, Aquitaine, Rhone Alpes, Charente, Vendee… all the Loires, Limousin, Midi Pyrenees… OK let’s just say anywhere.

We are branching out from our regular stamping grounds of Brittany and Basse Normandie and want to increase the foot-fall (mainly from the UK) toward Immobiliers, Negotiators etc., via our new website

We’ve been running www.ahouseinbrittany and for around ten years and, from now we’re beginning to think about building a network that will see us up to the time when we will really just want to concentrate on growing our own and looking after a menagerie of livestock.

I’m aware that we will meet a better class of folk on here than in many other media so, if you know of an immo who also wants to spread their wings to a wider audience - tip us - and them the wink!

Cheers for now & thanks - Bonne Chance! - Chris Slade

Hi Chris,
Not an Immo so cant help there but just wanted to say that we go to the Son et Lumiere at the Abbey of Bon Repos every year and it just keeps getting better! The amount of work, people and dedication that goes into is amazing… not many shows contain a full hunting pack!