Imperial madness - let them rule the waves

Here’s Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’ in action. But, looking at it realistically what geo-strategic interest does Plague Island still have in the S China Sea?


Aus gets nuclear subs. Not sure what we get except tagging along with the bigger players and sharing any crumbs of intelligence that fall our way. This sounds much more like a US than a UK initiative.

Looks like the US gets the 90B contract Oz just tore up with France. Geopolitics is one thing, but it’s the buck that counts. It’s US corporate greed that has caused and fueled the “China” problem. All we need to do is sit back and watch US foreign policy make it worse. Comme d’hab.

Must order a new iPhone before the trade war starts.

Yes, so - as I said, OZ gets nuclear sub tech, the US gets $90B and we get - - - what, exactly?

Blue passports ?
And are sovrenty ?


They are closer to black, and naff.

I can’t see that EU membership would prevent this deal going through.

And UK stickers on cars.

Crappy dull blue passports that don’t close properly; ridiculous UK car stickers; the idea of ‘British’ tv programming on the BBC from the (thankfully ex) Culture and Media secretary; it’s Little Britain gone mad! Do they really believe all this shite, or are they just thinking up ridiculous ideas to hurl themselves on the ‘patriotic’ Johnson-led bandwagon? I always felt grateful to have been born in the UK, but this scoundrel government who only seem in it for what they can get, is making me despair!


Back to imperial weights and measures?

Indeed a complete distraction and quite ludicrous.

I mean - let’s fully embrace this move back into the dark ages and re-adopt £. s. d.

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Bring back the GROAT !!!

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No one ever took your goat away :thinking:

Oh, gRoat, OK, fourpence. Well it makes as much sense as a threepenny bit, I suppose.

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An interesting explanation in the video…

Fleur, a brilliant clip, I suspect that most of UK govt. policy is conducted with high theatrics in mind to grab the headline. When strategy seems to be driven by nostalgia this is what you get! You’re all alright…I have to live here😕


Yes, a good dose of truth. I just came across a good analysis in Le Monde of the UK’s looming electricity supply problems, referring also to the fire in Kent which cut off one of the two interconnectors between France and England. Sorry to pile it on ! Hope the link works…

And here is Australia’s Defence Policy Explained… ha ha.

The Imperial measures thing is typical Johnsonian pandering to his base - only the oldies who voted for Brexit will have ever used Imperial measures, everyone else was brought up on metric.

And I can’t see manufacturers changing their production lines to cater for this jingoistic nonsense, especially since they would still have to provide metric items for the rest of the world.

A few market traders might start selling potatoes in pounds instead of kilos but nobody else will bother.


My OH who used to work in defence projects says the has heard that they were only at the Heads of Agreement stage and there were problems with the French being late and not up to scratch.
It makes sense to have nuclear subs in that area as they are silent and diesel are not, plus nuclear have a much longer range.
China are belligerent in the South china Sea and making their own islands to extend their own sovereignty, so for them to say that this is an aggressive move is a joke.
I think that the whole world is aware of the objectives of China in that area and this is a move to let them know that they are not going to get everything their own way, especially as China has been extremely hostile to Australia.

My son in law who works for the Fr company supplying the submarines says that isn’t the case, but he would wouldn’t he… he and my daughter were supposed to be spending the next 3 years in Australia because of his job.