Import Car Tax and Registration Taxes

I have been trying to work out the costs associated with importing a car to France.

The car is a 2007 Honda CRV, 138bhp (103 kw), 177g/km CO2, which gives a puissance of 9.

This website - Link Suggests the following taxes may be due

• Taxe régionale;
• Taxe de formation professionnelle ;
• Taxes sur les véhicules polluants;
• Taxe de gestion ;
• Redevance d’acheminement.

I think that the Tax Regionale is 184 euros due to >10year 50% reduction? But I am struggling with the rest… can anyone help?



You might find this simulator of costs more helpful

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Thanks Jane - I am getting answers of either 191 euros or 6000 euros!

I think that my initial choice on the form may not be correct - under the section Selectioner votre demarche - for a 2nd hand car from uk which option would be correct option 1 on the list or option 2.

Thanks for your help.


I would think it was first option. But I’m no expert! None of this existed when we re-registered our car - just got our quitus fiscal and queued up at prefecture and and hour and 150euros later we had new carte grise.

Hmmmm - option 1 gives the 6000 answer!

Sorry! Perhaps someone who has actually followed this new procedure will be along soon to tel you more about it.

Just check if the info is correct… Mat… I’ve called it a Voiture Populaire… but it all depends on what is marked at J1 on the V5…

Démarche : Première immatriculation en France d’un véhicule
Importé en France après avoir été immatriculé dans un autre pays

Genre national (J.1) : Voiture particulière (VP)

Date de mise en circulation (B) : 17/06/2007 (this is a rough date guide)

Puissance administrative nationale (P.6) : 9 CV

Energie (P.3) : Essence (ES) (is your car diesel??)

Carrosserie handicap / Carte d’invalidité ? : Non

Département : Gironde

Coût du certificat d’immatriculation
Y1 - Taxe régionale : 185,00 €
Y1 bis - Taxe additionnelle voitures de forte puissance : 0,00 €
Y2 - Taxe formation professionnelle : 0,00 €
Y3 - Taxe additionnelle voitures de tourisme : 0,00 €
Y3 - Malus CO2 voitures de tourisme : 0,00 €
Y4 - Taxe de gestion : 4,00 €
Y5 - Redevance d’acheminement : 2,76 €
Y6 - Taxes à payer : 191,76 €


Thank you Stella - superb. Yes a diesel.

it is a very good website for establishing the tax - unfortunately my French is even more rusty than the car concerned!

For anyone else interested the UK V5 document, under item J Vehicle Category = M1.

The DVLA website Link defines M1 as:
Category M1: Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat.

I think this equates to a Voiture particulière.

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OK, so I’ve just tried the site with Diesel instead of Essence… and it still costs the same amount… phew…:relaxed:

and, yes, M1 is VP


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Finally after six months managed to change my Rover 75 …2001 to French registration.

All done via the ANTS website but so complicated paid a garage 40 euros to do the paperwork

Despite having a new MOT from UK, EU approval type on the V5, copies of French documentation that said you did not need Certificate of Conformity if type approval quoted…needed a CoC…well we are in France

My “dossier” cost 280 ish euros, added to that. Certificate of Conformity …cheapest I found was VRS Bristol £65… plus. New control technique, plus new headlights !!

Hope this helps

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Who are these people? What do they do? Thanks

Got my Certificate of Conformity from them. Cheapest site I found and good service

Eventually sourced my lhd headlights from " headlights4u" based in Spain, again good service, worth asking them for a quote

Do NOT use lefthanddrivespecialist based in Luton…rip off merchant!


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Thank you.

The correct source for a CoC is the vehicle’s manufacture. Too many of the third party suppliers do not supply the correct document. Those who do often charge a supplement for doing so.

I thought manufacturers charge for the CoC.

Mine was free. Only thing I paid for was the carte gris itself (but that was many years ago…)

Mat are you absolutely sure you do not have a CoC which would have come with the car’s documents, handbook etc etc… even second hand…

Our 2005 second hand… came with an A5 document in several languages, the print was so small, I did not realize at first what it was. … subsequently at the Prefecture, the lady had to use a magnifying glass to read the info she needed… but it worked :hugs:

It is certainly worth a look.

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Three of the four that I’ve dealt with were free.