Importing a car from UK

Hi,i know this will have been covered before but i can,t find the relevant information.Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for buying a car in the UK and importing it to France please,what documents are needed and extra import costs due to Brexit.I did it a couple of times pre Brexit and it was fairly straightforward but with Brexit and the new ANTS site i get the feeling that it will not be straightforward now.Anyone who has done this recently,i would like to hear your story,thanks.

Mat_Davies did it in 2022


There’s a Facebook group called Registering Vehicles in France, run by a chap called Mark Rimmer (who I believe was a member here at some point). He appears to be something of an expert so, assuming you are prepared to use Facebook, the guides there might be a useful starting point. Mark Rimmer will do the entire process for you (for a fee, of course).

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Can certainly vouch for Mark as he’s now completed a few registrations for me - excellent chap, very helpful :+1:


Cannot find Mark on facebook…any other suggestions

It comes up if you search for “Registering Vehicles in France” - this should be the link. Mark shows up on the members list.

I’m going to close the other thread that you started


thanks for your help…found it