Importing a car to France

I have brought in a few cars over the last 15 years, mostly without any problem. Has anyone done it post brexit? Are there dificulties or extra costs to be considered?

My car was transported over last week. Have yet to go to impots so will let you know when I do. Transporter had confusing advice regarding what to do but in the end I think it was quite easy. Presumably if you drive it over yourself it would be less of a problem.

I have just done it with registration documents issued on Friday.

I had previously done it pre-Brexit also.

I am going to write a new post about it as there are lessons to learn - it was expensive and took a long time.

See: The fun of importing UK 2nd Hand Car to France post Brexit


check with @anon90504988 (tried and trusted) if you have any problems… (or before, just for some advice)

My import was kinda pre-and post Brexit in one go. I arrived in the car on Nov 2nd 2020 but didn’t hand the job of registration to @anon90504988 till after 01/01/2021. The MoT had been done in Oct 2020 and despite Brexit being supposedly the end of the UK MoT ‘allowance’ for a 6 month validity/no need for CT, I was not required to have a CT to get the C.G.

Mark’s services were one of the best £40 [sic] I have spent in France.

as I am just about to buy a used car I was mostly concerned about the duty and / or VAT payable.