Importing a new compact tractor to france?

looking to buy and transport a brand new compact tractor to france as unable to source in france.
we have a second home there.
i am reading lots of info, anyone confirm paperwork required?
the dealer said they would look into it, but thought someone may have done it already.
i am not a business, need a tractor for the three acres

thanks in advance

Hi @johdee and welcome to SF
what make/model are you looking to resource in France that isn’t available?
In the meantime is this reference of any help? (ex clients of mine and a good reputable company)

Hi Graham

solis 26.

dealers in france cannot source at the moment - no stock

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In a town near us there is a Solis dealer. They literally have a field full of brand new ones of all shapes and sizes.
Surely there must be a 26 model in there somewhere?
Give them a call.

thanks very much

I think the importeris in Dept 87
Where in France are you?