Importing a U.K. vehicle

There are several references here on SF regarding importing a U.K. vehicle but seem to be from a few years ago (and there were also some contradictions) and perhaps there are changes.
Anybody done it recently and can advise? I have a certificate of conformity. I can appreciate that CT and insurance would be required but advice on the sequence and registration process would be appreciated.



This was just over a year ago.

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Useful and daunting thanks.
It’s a classic car I have owned for 20 years and has considerable sentimental value and will probably go down the daunting route.

You have a certificate of conformity for a classic car? That would be quite unusual. What car is it and how old?

I would recommend going on to one of the specialist Facebook groups for registering cars in France and paying the 40 or 50 euros that one of the registration specialists charge to deal with the registration. I used Mark Rimmer and he was spot on.

It’s a 1999 Porsche and I guess the issue is more the definition of ´classic’. I do have a certificate of conformity however provided by Porsche in France.

Thanks for the advice re Mark Rimmer, do you have contact details?

Having experienced the bureaucracy of other french systems 40-50 euros seems more than reasonable.



Ok, it’s not a véhicule de collection in French terms as it’s not yet 30 years old. Pity as that makes life a lot easier and is the route to very cheap insurance. I’ll drop Mark a line and check that he’s happy I share his details. I’m sure he will be but it’s polite to ask.

Nice car

I knew it wasn’t classed as ´véhicule de collection’ here in France despite the fact that it is nevertheless very collectible. I have owned it for most of its life and couldn’t bring myself to sell it in the U.K. which was the other alternative.