Importing a UK car to France

Hello all! We sadly lost our CRV recently (thank you crazy Spanish lady!) and need to replace it.
We’ve had a look through lots of previous posts, but some are very long and others quite old.
So would it be possible to give us some idea of current regulations? We have found a second hand Volvo XC90 that looks to fit our criteria and they are SO much cheaper in the UK. Realise that they are all going to be RHD but we’ve never found this to be a problem.
So is this doable? Will we be charged any ‘import taxes’, & would it be illegal if we collected it from the UK & drove back?
Any pointers would be gratefully received!, regards T
PS We are long term residents with French licenses.

We are now on our 3rd CRV great cars but there are not many of them in France.

As an established French resident you now have to declare your import to Douanes & pay 10% duty & 20% VAT on the value AND the duty. This equates to about 32% of the invoice figure or the value Douanes might give it.
Then there is the registration tax which varies with engine power, fuel type & department. cars under 10 years old are also assessed on Co2 emissions & weight for extra malus tax.

A 2017 Volvo XC90 Diesel D5 pays 2723€ registration tax plus a weight tax of about 2014€ weight tax.

Is it still way cheaper?


@anon90504988 you did my registration for me :grinning:. The registration cost was 118€. + your fee.

Although you submitted the papers in Feb 2021, it seems they accepted the UK MoT, it having another 9 months to run - no CT was required. The invoice from the dealer was £950. The car was on the 07 plate so over 10 y.o. Is that why no ‘weight tax’ was charged?

If I imported the same car again, would the cost now be £950 x 32% [Douanes] 1254€ + 118€ registration charges + C.T. 80€ ? = 1452€ [or thereabouts] on the road here?

About that, yes.

Hi Mark,
The Volvo that we’ve seen is around 14 yrs old and our max budget is €8000,
we’ve bought old cars before & have rarely had problems.
So how would this work out with taxes etc?
We are also now looking at Germany/Spain etc - I presume that an EU vehicles do not have such fees? Sorry for all the questions!
regards T

Still trying to find out what fees/tax are due on importing car to France from Germany/Spain etc.?? If someone could say ‘nothing’ I would be a happy bunny! Many thanks T

There should be no import duty or TVA to pay but you will have to pay the tax due when you apply for the Carte Grise. There is a calculator somewhere for this - might be on french

Many thanks for taking the time to reply!
regards T

If you know the fiscal (taxable) horsepower, the Co2 emission figure & its age, you can use the government’s cost simulator here - Simulateur du coût du certificat d'immatriculation - Données -

Many thanks Mark, much appreciated!
regards T

Mark, is that 10 years old and younger or 9 y.o. and younger? And does it apply to small vans [Trafic/Jumpy etc]?

I suspect it’s the vehicle date on the Registration Docs (just like a birthday…) I’ve had many a child proudly tell me he/she is 9years and 11 months… which is still under 10 years old … so every month counts :wink:
but @anon90504988 will clarify about cars… :+1:

Ten years exactly. Vans (CTTE) are not subject to Co2 loading but neither do they benefit from a 50% tax discount either. 5 seat pick-ups, while being classed as commercial vehicles (CTTE), are regarded as cars for the purpose of registration taxes.

Thanks Mark.

Is this sort of thing, [crew cab] with seats behind the driver, ‘regarded as cars for the purpose of registration taxes.’ ?

If it is a CTTE (or N1) & not a pick-up then no.
Many pick-ups sold in France tend to be used as tax free SUVs & rarely see a bunch of dirt covered builders in the leather seats listening to the Bose hi-fi with a load of sand & cement in the little load space at the back.
The Government therefore treats them as passenger cars.

Hi Mark, Still struggling with car situation. Have found a car we are interested in but it’s in north France.
I’ve seen on here somewhere that you ‘help’ people to get sorted? If so could you tell me how it works?
Many thanks

Bumping this up for help!
Many thanks T

what “help” are you looking for???
and… just a thought… are you buying from a private person or a garage???