Importing a used car from Spain to France

I’ve found option to buy a car from a friend in Spain and import it to France.
However information on process is very vague.

  1. Sign paperwork in Spain, transfer ownership (proof of purchase).
  2. Should I be insured on Spanish plates at Spanish insurer or it needs to be French insurer?
  3. Do I need to get Spanish transit plates, to drive until full registration (up to 6(?) month)?
  4. Control Technic should be less than 6 months, should be fine with Spanish or do I need French?
  5. Return back to France with car, proof of purchase:
  1. Request certificate of conformity at French Opel for example
  2. Get fresh CT if necessary
  3. Apply for registration in France

What are the mistakes in listed process? How to insure the car for drive from Spain to France?
I would need to get CoC in France, correct?

I’ve tried searching similar topics, but there were no information on the process.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Serj

I cant answer most of your questions as we too are importing a car from Spain, however at the moment we live in Spain so its our car. I can only advise that you apply for the COC in Spain as we had to apply here for our Citroen and went to the dealers where we purchased it, they then applied and it took a while.
Insurers i assume i think you would need to check, not sure a Spanish insurer would insurer with a french address, probably best to check with your french insurers .
Again the CT i think has to be from here in Spain, but probably may need to be redone. To be honest i have contacted someone to do all the paperwork on our car. Especially as you need to do it within a month of moving but you can not do it online yourself without an ameli account, which i can not apply for until been in France 3 months . Not sure if allowed to mention but there is a specific page on Fb Vehicles registrations and the law in France. If you get no answers here maybe ask on there . good luck

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You will need a French CT and re insurance, I’d suggest French insurance with European cover for the time the vehicle is in transit.

It’s all quite doable - we imported a Spanish registered vehicle a couple of years back.

Good luck!

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  1. Yes
  2. You’ll need French insurance if you’re a French resident and you’ll definitely need French insurance for the immatriculation.
  3. Don’t know, but you need to start the French registration process within a month.
  4. When the UK was in the EU, a UK MOT was sufficient for registration so if imagine it’s the same for the Spanish equivalent. However, you need to get it CT’d as soon as you get the French registration so you you might as well go straight to it.

As for the CoC, it can be in any official EU language so it’s worth finding out which is cheaper, Opel France or Opel Spain but, more importantly, check that it’s not already in the document bundle with the car.

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Thank you, Tranmere!

I am still researching the information. However would it be a viable solution (since people that I am buying from are my relatives) - to get the car on current Spanish plates, sign the documents in paper form and drive back on their (Spanish) insurance back home, where I would register it according to French law?

Would the previous owner have to deregister the car before selling and put on transit plates? :roll_eyes:

Thank you for your comment, cat!

That’s great experience, I’ll persevere with my journey! Did you do it yourself or via company?

Did you drive it on transit plates from Spain (after the last owner deresitered it) or it had the original Spanish registration/number plates?

Hi, JohnH!
thanks for sharing!

Would it be a viable solution (since people that I am buying from are my relatives) - to get the car on current Spanish plates, sign the documents in paper form and drive back on their (Spanish) insurance back home, where I would register it according to French law?

I think the most tricky part now is to leave Spain with it (properly) for both me and previous owner :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about the Spanish requirements but, technically, if you’ve signed for it then it’s yours so it depends what obligations Spain places upon the participants in the transaction.

It was still on Spanish plates despite having made a trip to the UK and then been sold to a UK resident British buyer who brought it to France and we bought it from him here. …….!!

As a result the paper trail (or non paper trail) was horrific so we used an agency which I can highly recommend - they were fab and got it sorted v quickly. I’ve always registered our vehicles myself but thus one was above my paygrade.

I have bought one car from Spain. It is easy as Spain does not insist on residency but just an address where you can be contacted.

Best get the CoC first.

Buy the car and have it insured by a French assurer with offices in Spain, or is recognised in Spain.

Make sure you are given the correct document. It is a greeny tourqoise card with all the info on it. Also proof that TVA has been paid.

Drive the car home and immediately go to your local tax office for a quittas fiscale. At the same time have a CT on the car.Then take all the papers to your local immatriculation place - usually a local garage or scrap yard and havem issue a WW plate.

Then send everyth to ANTS and wait…Simples :rofl: