Importing an old motorcycle to France

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Please can I ask the hivemind for some advice. My husband has a 1989 Honda C90 that we wish to take to France with us. We’ve been told by Honda that it is too old for a CoC and have asked us to get an ‘age related registration’ from the DVLA. Would this document from the DVLA be suitable to register it in France or do we need something else?

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I believe you will have to get it checked for conformity by DREAL and then you can get it registered. There are lots of C90’s for sale in France by the looks of it so you could buy a replacement here if you don’t want the bother. After getting the approval of DREAL you would then have to get a certificat d’immatriculation (registration document) which now has to be done on line not at the Préfecture.

Tush now, you can’t sell your baby and buy another!!!

I can’t offer any extra advice from DG but expect several visits to the Prefecture. Have fun.

It’s supposed to be all on line now Robert.

I had the same problem with my vespa. Vespa UK were about as much use as a paper kettle I asked around on various sites and contacted vespa direct in Italy low and behold after a long wait various visits to prefecture and a 100€ lighter I managed to get the Coc I would say try contacting Honda France if there are quite a few c90 here then it might be worth shot with them. Otherwise it’s a quick visit to dreal good thing is it won’t be too stringent as the French prefer smaller bikes to cars

no more prefecture 100% online

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100% nightmare more like it

Showing my age now, I imported my Beemer in 2006!

dont know my wife has helped do 2 english cars now and smooth as anything

My personal experience is unless you have France connect your doomed from the staRte even with France connect it’s been a nightmare