Importing household items into France

(Robert Redfern) #1

We have bought a second/ holiday home in Bretagne and intend to drive over with household items, (bed, mattress, bedding and general household bits and pieces) all possessions from our home in the UK. Does anyone know what the implications are re French customs etc ? Documentation required? or not?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


(Ann Coe) #2

Before Brexit no need for documentation, unless you have some Old Masters you are bringing over ?

After Brexit, it will probably return to the ‘bad old days’ of having to declare in triplicate to the customs what you are bringing, how much each item is worth, and have a copy stamped by them to go with the delivery !

Get it over before B day !

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(Paul Flinders) #3

Expect to pay import duties and tariffs as well - quite possibly VAT on top despite having paid it in the UK.

While we’re at it we’ll go back to restricted lists of goods, especially food - so if you pop over for a week don’t even think about bringing back any goodies.


(Robert Redfern) #4

Thank you for that. We are going to load up the motorhome with as much as we can in a couple of weeks and head on over, so I guess we will fill every nook and cranny and move as much as we can before the proverbial hits the fan

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(Simon Armstrong) #5

Welcome to Europe Robert!


(Ann Coe) #6

I remember that we arrived with our little Fiat Panda ( I loved that car) and an equally small trailer with just the essentials…Porta pottie, blow up matress, 2 deck chairs, cleaning materials, some clothes and tools and some tinned food. We weren’t stopped at customs.

3 weeks later the furniture arrived having passed customs, it was great to have a bed !

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(Robert Redfern) #7

Thank you, It’s good to be a European no matter what the obstacles :sunglasses: