Importing trailers to France

I have imported a boat trailer from the UK where it was legal. It was built professionally in 2002. What do I have to do to legalise it in France?

What is it’s gross, laden weight?


What remains of the plate, copy attached , shows a gross of 690k.



That’s a shame, if it had been 500kg life would be simple. Trailers over 500kg require their own Carte Grise and I’ve heard that that can be difficult to get without a CoC and a 2002 trailer might not have one of those. Will the boat that you tow and the trailer combined weigh less than 500kg? If so it would be worth contacting the makers, explaining the situation and asking if they can supply a replacement plate stamped at 500kg. I believe that would be all above board.
I used to sail a Laser when I was in France and a friend had a trailer which carried our two boats but the combined weight of the two hulls and the trailer was much less than 500kg so his trailer did not need a CG.

Many years ago, we imported a Brian James trailer (car transporter) which came with no CoC in those days.

Had to get a letter from BJ describing the trailer (they did our letter for free, but we heard that they subsequently charged other folk £100.) Probably they do a CoC nowadays…:thinking:
Anyway, the trailer was examined by the DRIRE (now known as DREAL).
Phew… all went well in the end… but it was a bit nerve-wracking.

If you discuss with the Manufacturer, you may well come up with a solution.


Thank you both for your answers. Unfortunately the maker, South West Trailers, has now gone out of business. The boat is a Drascombe Lugger which has a displacement of 272 k. The makers plate now seems to have fallen off. A replacement is easily found.

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Something not right here. The plate shows Severn Valley Trailers as the manufacturer, they are still in business. yet you mention South west trailers, i dont get the connection. Also that plate wouldnt pass the CT or DREAL as it isnt riveted to the chassis. But you can have a new plate engraved with a lower weight on it,. Find the serial number of the alko axle and they will give you a COC for the axle. Replace the ball hitch for a new one which clearly shows a EU type number on it. job done.