reimbursement email

I received an email stating that I was due a tax reimbursement for this year. Although immediately sceptical I thought maybe this was linked to some form of covid support system from the state.
Until that is I read the last line …“sellers of flowers, wreaths and candles can expect special attention”.
I assume others received this email but how weird is the world becoming.

Baffling. Have you connected to your real espace particuliar on impots.gouv to see whether it is real, and whether anything has appeared in your bank account.

We just got a reimbursement last week, so it is that time of year.

nobody ever reimburses me…except our CPAM. and the amounts always baffle me, just say silent thanks and buy a bottle

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I just took it to be a scam Jane but will check it now.

No nothing for me…:slightly_frowning_face:

I’m old and cynical but that would scream SCAM to me very loudly.