Impot - CESU

Hi. does anyone know if you are able to claim travelling expenses under 'prime emploi' when working under CESU? I also work for an organisation who pay me on a casual contract, they take all the déductions and I pay my impot in the usual way. The payments are recorded automatically on my impot form. Can I claim travel on this one as well?

thanks Andrew - much clearer.

no, the 10% abattement is automatic and covers for most people. From memory you have to justify why you live more than a certain distance from work if you claim more than the 10% and justify your kilométrage. I did this about 8 years ago and they were fine once they had all the details (I was teaching all over the Aveyron at the time and in the Lot). Once you've worked out your kilométrage at the end of the year, you calculate the abattement according the the fiscal value of your car - they need a copy of the carte grise too...! Best bet is to speak to your local impôts ;-)

Yes but I am parapetetic, I work where the work is - so for teaching I can go anywhere between 15 and 50 km. How do I give justification. I know a teacher who claims as he works about 70 km from home and claims because he travels on Tuesday and returns home on Thursday as he lives in durng the week. He claims about 1500 km per year. At the moment I have a contract which is three times a week which is 19km each way plus 2 CESUs which are 19km each way once a week, and 50 km each way once per week. I have all the salary certificates and CESU certificates - surely I don't have to submit each one for a whole year.

everyone automatically gets a 10% abattement for travel costs (feuille d'impôts) and you can get more if you justify it - I did so a few years ago with no problem ;-)

I don't think so - you are not self employed by working under cheque emploi nor are you self employed working the contract for the organisation. Your cesu income should be directly reported on your impots form as well