Impot reimbursements

Received an almost convincing e-mail today from advising me that I was due a reimboursement on my impots of 312 euros. Great if it could be true but since I have no income in France and don't pay impots, it is an obvious scam and therefore I won't be following the instructions to 'cliquez ici'.


Hi Colin, Just to say that reimboursements are never done by e-mail , It's all done automatically and the information is sent to you through the post with your official tax papers telling you how much tax you have to pay or if you pay by instalments etc , any reimboursements are listed there. Another thing you might have to watch out for is false CAF e-mails.

Thanks for passing on the "info",Colin. If it helps even one person from being conned, it's worth sharing.

"impots of 312 euros." I wish!. If I saw an email with that number on it I'd know it was a scam:-)