Impots Gouv Website Access (very exciting post!)

Sorry All - this is so boring I can hardly bring myself to type it…
(if you’re new to living in France look away now!)

OK. I connect to Impots Gouv using Mobile Connect et Moi
All good. I have a password to access the site without it but it posts an error.

I’ve changed my mobile number… And it’s an UK number…
I’ve closed my Orange account. Since we’ve moved to the UK, but I still need to access the site…

The ONLY way I can see to identify yourself / change your password / change your mobile number is

  1. Via your phone (SMS)
  2. Go in to the local tax office

I can’t do either. Thoughts?
thanks kids x

how are you presenting the number to them? 0044 (0)nnnn…
Can you not log in online with your credetials?

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If it needs two factor authentication and won’t take a foreign phone number a 2 euro a month Free number is your best option.

Thanks John
OK. So I buy a new french mobile number / sim
(which I don’t need, and I’ll have to have shipped to France, plus it’ll need to have international roaming… - but I can do that…)
Now. How do I tell Impots/Gouv that I have a new number…
I can’t do it online since I’m back in the loop of “we’ll send you an SMS to authenticate this”
I can’t go in person to my local tax office
I’m guessing my only option is to write to them… But who and where?
All suggestions welcome
I used to live in 26790 BOUCHET - about 1 km inside the south of the Drome 26 but also near and essentially part of the VAUCLUSE 81 and it’s very helpful tax office

have you tried sending an email to your local tax office… or writing them a letter…

We can get into impots.gouv without 2 factor. Just tax number and password.


Would it not be simplest to phone your tax office? If they can’t solve it over the phone they will advise you what steps to take.
Like others I log in direct to the website using tax no. and psssword.

Edit. I looked at mobileconnectetmoi and found this
Qui peut utiliser Mobile Connect et moi

Mobile Connect et moi est un service réservé aux utilisateurs d’une ligne mobile Orange disposant d’une carte SIM compatible et équipés d’un smartphone Apple ou Android.

Looks like you will need to find a different wsy of connecting if you are no longer an Orange customer.

I tried yesterday, no success directly or by France Connect MSA.
Went in person this morning.

France Connect still not connecting us today…

Hello Kids - thanks for your thoughts.

Just to clarify…
I have indeed left France and moved to Scotland
I still need / am required to deal with Impots in France (where I have just moved to / am resident is not the issue)
I DO have a tax code and password
Many moons ago I lost the password
However - for the last (?) years, I have connected to the site via mobile et moi - this system works via the provider Orange - and not with other mobile providers
This method is allowed and not discouraged
Since I’ve moved I have changed my mobile number to a UK one, and i have closed my Orange account

All of the above is quite legal and normal and on the record - this is not a dodge!

Stupidly I should have connected to the site before I lost my Orange number / access and changed my 2 factor authentification to another method like Ameli

So I’m in a loop online trying to identify myself.
From everything I’ve now read and researched it would be super easy to sort out by just popping down to the tax office with a good old french file of ID & numbers

However that’s not an option - probably not for anyone at the moment!

So it’s a phone call, lot’s of photocopying, a letter, a wait

No problem - I can do that - I’m simply impatient as I know this will take probably 2 weeks… and I’d like read the message they’ve sent me about to my 1/4ly auto-ent return with which there’s a problem…

I’ll let you know how I get on - it’s interesting!

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Are you in the Jura now? Hope it goes well…but anyway if you are, then if the fisc try to hunt you down they will head to eastern french mountains not northern isle…

Mobile Connect et Moi only works for subscribers to Orange or SOSH (Orange’s budget brand). They have been promising for years that it will be extended to other networks but it’s never happened.

I recently set up FranceConnect using my phone with a SOSH SIM & it’s a neat system of interaction between the website & your phone where you enter your mobile phone number on the website then the phone prompts for your PIN then you are granted access on the website.

Incidentally this access to FranceConnect for anyone who has an Orange or SOSH number contradicts those who offer as proof that non-residents are not allowed to register a vehicle that you can only access ANTS if you are a resident as it’s easy enough for non-residents to have an Orange or SOSH phone & I have confirmed that I can access the vehicule immatriculation section of ANTS.

Try it, Nigel. You can access ANTS but you cannot complete a registration.

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At what point will it fail? I don’t have a car registration to do at present as I only just sorted out my FranceConnect login so I’m paying someone to register my Range Rover. Just out of interest I started going through the registration screens & I got as far as being promoted to upload the necessary documents but I didn’t try any further.

Nigel and all, yes - i used to love the mobile connect authentification- easy & practical - works across lots of sites i used for work (market stall - traiteur)
but you’re in trouble if you swop your phone number, if it’s not orange, if it’s not a french number

Also worth noting (I’ve discovered) you need a SEPARATE IP Address for your phone … for example, I use wifi for my phone and laptop at home - i have no mobile signal… as both are using the same IP you can’t get the authentication code from your phone.
For me it wasn’t a big issue - I had to pop down to the pub, use their wifi and get an external signal on my phone.

Anyway - this is all no use to me and i have to ring the tax office - joy!

Hello Jane - yes I’m living on Jura - amazing, weird, not unlike Provence in many ways - a community that is half tourist based in the season and then farming based the rest of the year - but the farming is whisky & deer. Weather equally changeable - obviously not as hot in summer, but no-where near as cold on winter! And though the islanders do mention wind after living with the full force of the Mistral they haev no idea about wind! this is just a slight breeze,

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Hi Nigel
I got as far as Mon Espace Vehicule and went to Je souhaite faire une autre demande
At that point France Connect popped up and even though I can normally access without problems France Connect gave me error message E020001.

I think it may be that “Impots” have blocked foreign taxpayers from access.

If you could have put your pdfs on there I think you might be able to do it. Feel free to register my car just for fun. Ha ha

Hi, Paddy O Cullen

Have solved the problem with error message E020001?

@shasanova Hi and welcome to SF.
Please amend your registration to show your first and last names as per site T&Cs. Thank you.

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How lovely - I have family at Ardlussa and friends at Knockrome :heart: