Impots locaux

(Paul connor) #1

Hi can anyone help I’ve received a form asking for me to fill in changes to my renovation I’ve got planning permission and have not made any changes From the plans ny help

(michael archer) #2

The valuation they come to depends on how posh your car is when they visit.

(Simon Roxburgh) #3

regarding property tax (tax fonciere) just wondering how it is worked out, ie surface area of house, number of room, bathrooms kitchen. I have been quoted a percentage figure of 19%. no one i spoke to has a clue .

(Paul connor) #4

Thanks Irene think your right it’s a complicatated form to get my head round not to mention read its a very pale yellow. I might right a cover letter and send it also thanks again

(Jane Williamson) #5

Sorry Paul but your post is very difficult to understand.