Impots - prélèvement libératoire as AE or not?

Hi everybody,

Two months into this AE adventure, I noticed I've opted for 'prélèvement libératoire' tax to be paid monthly with my online declarations, before really beinng aware I had any other option!

Now I see that you can opt out of this, as sometimes it's apparently better to stick with the 'classic' tax return.

Could you tell me what are the pros and cons of either option? I can't seem to find this info on other sites;



OK so they do pay it back then? That's a relief.

we normally get a tax rebate too so it's even bigger!

Thanks for the clarification Katie. However up to now, we've not had to pay income tax (all reductions taken into consideration the total amount has been reduced to 0 each year) and so I wonder if I'll be able to get the % taken off each month back, if that happens to be the case this year?

I think I'll have to go & see them in the tax office next week to check.

this way ins like the UK's PAYE you will pay a small %age of income tax with each declaration, this total amount will be offset against your déclaration . If you opt out you pay your full income tax all at once.