Improve clay dirt track on a hill

Hi Folks,

We have a track leading up a moderately steep but short hill (10m?) into a field. We use the field as a parking place and as there is nowhere else to park in our hamlet, we need access to it in all weather. The soil is clay and gets pretty sticky and slippery in the wet. I was considering improving the track, at least the hill section, but don't have a lot of cash to spare and was looking for some advice.

I was thinking of using geotex, either alone or with added stone/gravel. I may be able to incorporate this with the work being done to install my new sewage system which should help with the cost. Any advice on whether this is a good idea and likely cost per sq. meter? Thanks.


Thanks Edward, I'll look into that.

Should have said it will set like concrete

Look up Soil Stabilization British Lime Association site

It can be done with a garden tiller

Well that's something I never considered or knew about! Thanks. Does one just rotovate and then spread and rake quicklime into the holes or do you need special machinery?

You can stabilize the clay by rotovating quicklime in to it

It will set lime concrete and all you need is a light dressing of gravel