In another Class

It seems that there is a class system in France,

The UK Governments' recent reclassification and the ethos of the UKs class system is well documented. I wonder if the two 'ideologies' function here in harmony, as they are one and the same; or do they clash?

I haven't hard chance yet, James, to read through, bit too busy being Postie, but I will.

Did you say you were relocating, full time?


You OK?

Methinks that tinker James knew fullwell, that the issues has been addressed!

I stand corrected by both of yooooze, shall I delete the post?


try this Ron:

enjoy ;-)

Hi Andrew,

I gather from both of you that we have a "Been there /Tshirt" situation here. I am genuinely interested in the 'system(s)' and was posing the question from an 'ignorance' point of view.

I think there is a facility to delete the post, or I wouldn't mind if the powers that be deem it a futile avenue to persue.

If I quizzed myself, I am probably looking to have "an intellectual" Street fight, revolution, Bourgoisie Bash. Probably not in the spirit of healthy debate, but there is a Common theme in my Posts.

All will become clear when 'Vene Vide Vamoose' breaks. I would like to leave with friends not enemies, and I don't want to leave a mess behind me. But the popularity of a thread is, it seems, transient.


Hi Ron, as James said we had a very long thread about class with a lot of people getting the wrong end of the stick and it got a bit rude at times! In short France has a class system just like the UK, it varies depending on the environment a bit (for you the difference between city life in Montpellier and rural vigneron life the otherside of Béziers for example) do the two systems run side by side, more or less but as there are cultural differences and the way we see each other they impact on the class system too ;-)

I wanted to know if the two systems operate side by side, does one tuck into the other, or are they not the same?