In Austin Texas on the first stop of a book tour

(Susan Herrmann Loomis) #1

Hello All,

Austin is the music capital of the U.S. and it rightly deserves that title. From the minute one emerges from the airplane, music is everywhere, and it's good. Almost all of it. I'm listening currently to a gorgeous CD kindly left in my hotel room by the proprietors in hopes that I'll buy it, which I will.

While Austin is the music capital it might also be called the taco capital. They are gorgeous, soft rounds of corn, freshly made, filled with all manner of spicy things. Last night the selection was crisp fried oysters and Gulf shrimp, today it was carnitas with lots of lime juice. Such a change from French cuisine. Love them both, but this is a real adventure.

I'm off to teach nut recipes soon. Hope all of you are well. It's 30C outside in the shade, breezes make it feel cooler, but not much.


(Catharine Higginson) #2

Oh Oh Oh. Tacos…mmmmnnn

Spicy things - even better!

Please keep the posts coming - so nice to read about other food / places / cultures! x