In Flower Christmas 2011

Every year the Times newspaper used to encourage its English readers to list the plants flowering in their gardens on Christmas Day. Some famous gardeners and garden writers have shared this fascinating glimpse into their private gardens and now it’s your turn!

Between the Kir Royal and the foie gras, why not slip out into the fresh air for a bit and make a note of the flowers you find in your own or in neighbour’s gardens?

France occupies a huge geographical range so some may be swimming while others are skiing: this variety of climates should show up in the flowers and in a year like this, when Nature herself seems confused by the weather, anything might be in bloom.

My list will as usual be on the Gardener in France blog but I shall certainly be posting a copy here. I hope you’ll drop in and play!

I am so disappointed that no-one has posted their list that I have put the same comment on the Royal Horticultural Society plants forum. From my own garden, here is Camellia grijsii - scented white flowers from this evergreen shrub by the front door in Chabris.

Does no-one garden in France? Perhaps I should get out more!

As promised, between the champagne and the Christmas duck, I muffled-up warmly and paced about the garden looking for flowers. I have included only those I have found in my own garden; extended to include others in the village, the list might be much longer.

This fine seasonal ritual has been practiced by British gardeners for generations, with the results being posted to the Letters to the Editor section of some of the more serious papers for the education and edification of interested readers. Now that there are no serious papers to speak of, I continue this traditional pastime here, in the Gardener in France blog.....