In France, where to get PetPassport?

Me and my dog Louis made it to France! He has his international pet certificate valid for four months. Now, we need to get his pet passport. We live in Marseille and I am not sure the best vet that can help us, and hopefully speaks some English. Does anyone have a suggestion for a vet in Marseille? Or can we go to any EU vet to get him his pet passport? What should I make sure to ask the vet, guaranteeing his successful paperwork?

Thank you!

Go to a vet in France they will issue the passport.

Then head to the supermarket and see if you can get you dog to sit on the adjustable stool in the photo booth - but remind them that they mustn’t smile…


Any vet will do it for about 15€ (or just consultation fee sometimes, but sometimes on top). Presumably your dog is chipped?

It’s good to start with a vet close to where you live, you never know when you might need one in a hurry.

Practice your French!


All of the vets (and it is quite a few! €€€€€) I have spoken to have spoken English - I had practiced so many phrases prior to my first appointment!


They will probably insist on doing a rabies blood titre test and want the rabies vaccination redone.


Our daughter lives in UK and visits us as often as possible together with her faithful hound.
Because of brexit it costs considerably more to bring her pet each time so when at the vets a week or two ago for pre check to return to UK she applied for EU passport giving our address and voila the EU passport is on it’s way.
Think I might grow my hair and get a wet nose if it is that easy to get one.


Couldn’t agree more. We didn’t have a vet close to us and in an emergency had to call the nearest who opened up his surgery late Friday evening and saved our dog’s life. She was two at the time and has just had her thirteenth birthday. :grin:



Thank you!! I have a photo of him I can bring if necessary. Not sure what size they would need but I’ll try whatever.

Phone ahead first. Few vets do walk in appointments. Presumably you have the papers to get a french pet passport?