In the interests of gender balance

A female Republican idiot is now also running for the Whitehouse…

Is she related to Bill? :thinking:

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I hope she gets a rocket :joy: or should that be a comet?

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No kiss curl, no relation. :rofl:

I would not like to comet


Bad news for Trump but maybe worse news for Biden. If she back peddles on abortion she may be more acceptable to younger voters than either Trump or Genocide Joe.

New Hampshire’s weird - I remember a minuscule, seemingly prosperous, yet ultra- liberatian place with tax-free gas and outlet stores. A license plate motto, ‘Live Free or Die’ with a minuteman (not the missile) and a flintlock,

Despite all this freedom loving stuff, I got caught out once on a Sunday by us making a considerable detour to dine on the coast at a well-known seafood resto, only to find it open, but located in a dry on Sunday county.

Live free and dry!