Inaccurate Recipes

Having just answered Zena’s thread about scones, I went on to mention recipes that are not successful as either ingredients are missed out, or stages in the method are missing

Wendy Wise was calling for help the other day, as the was cooking a chicken mousse, and there was no oven temperature given.

Which recipes and books have you had trouble with?

One of the things I find in France is that the flour is softer, ie.less gluten, and so needs less liquid. If this is anyb ody’s problem, then this is the probable cause.

When I saw that recipe, I couldn’t bring myself to use cling film - I’m glad I didn’t!

Nigella Lawson advises lining a cake tin in her recipe for Quadruple chocolate cake with cling film with the rider " trust me it will not melt .I did,it did.Thanks Nigella!!!