Income tax form 2013

Hi I am an auto entrepeneur and this will be my first time I have to do an Income tax form if indeed I have to do one at all???? I have been told conflicing information that as I pay my social charges online that incorporates tax as well at 21.3%.

If this is not the case does anyone know of a link where I can download this form without having to put in fiscal numbers etc as this is the first one. I seem to of found 2012!! Also I am well aware there is an 18 May deadline??? If someone could enlighten me marvellous! Thanks

Couldn't see where to reply on last post. Have I exhausted it?

... and I thought mine was complicated! What a nightmare!

I know. My OH and I do work outside of France and are often taxed in the country we are contracted, at the same time she is working as a freelance agent for one of the big estate agents. I also receive UK state pension, later will have my German state pension and have two young children whose trust fund accounts are in my name until they are old enough to have accounts themselves, so the rules say I should pay tax on their interest. It is an almighty mess and yet we get through it, albeit it costs a bit on taxes for gross payments that have already been taxed.

Thank you. I've got a feeling that they are going to say I am a French resident as I was seconded out there last summer by my UK company, so with that and my winter AE of 120 days, it's going to be hard to prove otherwise. Have looked at HMRC website and will go and see them next week .

I'm not sure how the French are going to take me not having a French address now until I go back and find something for next winter! Major stress!!

Red form = 2047 NOT-K and is: Notice pour remplir la déclaration des revenus encaissés à l'étranger par un contribuable domicilié en France.

I just found the instructions for filling it in. Since you are not resident I do not believe you need to have it BUT is you spend 183 days or more here and have a fixed address in France then you must.

Thanks Brian. I can't get hold of the tax office - will keep trying but failing that, I'm going to have to send it in with all AE and UK income I think and try and sort it out when I get back. Time's running out. I haven't earnt a lot anyway.

You mentioned a red form to complete for UK income. Does anyone know the code for this one or could send me the link please. I guess I now have to fill in 3 forms - 2042, 2042C and this red one?

If you are an AE the tax office, URSSAF, RSI/RAM and so on will have you down as a resident no matter what you explain to them. Also, using an account is normally a waste of time because one of the points of the AE system was to make it possible for small entrepreneurs to set up in business with turnover too low to either bother with or afford an accountant. The vast majority of them appear not to really know how the AE system works. You are supposed to be a member of a household in France to register in the first place. Has the accountant been entirely straight about it all. You certainly should pay lower contributions as a non-resident but that is an arrangement direct with URSSAF as the collecting department. It seems like you are in a bit of a corner. You must phone the tax people here since you only have until next week to send in your declaration. Late submission carries fines which are not to be laughed about so talking to them after the 18 May deadline (actually up to 20th is fine really) would probably get you nowhere.

It is not easy with this French system, none of the guides allows for exceptions or situations like your own and most of the people have no answers when one asks, but trying is the best we can do :-(

Looks like the Tax Office have me down as being a French resident when I'm not! I told the accountant when I was setting up as an AE that I was a UK resident. Turns out that I should have been paying lower RSI contributions as a non res.

Any advice please on where to go from here? Should I just put a covering letter in with forms 2042 /2042C and see the Tax Office when I get back? P.S. Can't get hold of accountant and I'm in the UK. Help!

One difficulty with 2042C is that if it your income is already declared and the URSSAF statement has arrived including it, the fact that it was earned abroad and paid from there means you have to include it on that form as well as on 2042. Do we trust the tax people to see identical amounts on two forms? Well, this household certainly does not. So we make notes for them on the left hand verge so that they know that sums X are one and the same, plus we write a letter to explain briefly. It all goes off LRAR so that we have a receipt of reception back from the tax office. Why? Well simply this, the first year we had the tax forms we filled them in without any hint of the two being the same and they added it all together and we had quite a complicated and sometimes angry set of arguments to sort it out. So, whilst there is officially no space for comments on the verges, there is enough to make them see and then guide them to the accompanying letter. Since we have done that it has all gone perfectly well.

Thank you all.

No worries Sheila, just one of the difficulties in the way the threads grow.

Hi Tracy and and thanks for that. Didn't see your earlier post - was swamped with work - not helped by said agitated client messaging me on Skype every half-hour to check on progress.

Taken from my post on this thread an hour earlier -

PDFs - non - fillable, ie you have to print them off and hand write them. Most people will only need the first one 2042

If you are AE or have other revenues to fill in, you need 2042- C (as in 'complementaire) as well All non-french income, even that taxed in other countries must be added to the form as it will be taken into account to find your 'revenue fiscal de reference' although not usually taxed again.

A married couple fill in one form, even if other half is not resident here - they will decide that not you.

Have fun! Note, most tax offices have open days to help you fill the forms in, take in your figures on bits of paper and ask them which boxes they would like you to put the figures in. Simples!

I did put the 'as well' in bold to try and make it stand out.

Yes, both for an AE.

Marie, this is only my second year doing it (I'm registered AE) but I think you need 2042 as well as 2042C. Anyone else throw any light on this? Thanks.

You should have another, which having sent ours off I cannot remember the number of, which is red rather than blue of the form you now have. That is about any income or earnings from abroad.

Great! I've downloaded that - thank you.

Just to recap, for an auto entrepreneur, the only tax form I complete is the 2042-C? No other forms needed before I send it off to them?

Sorry it took so long - didn't actually click through the links as I do mine on line - and actually did it the day after it came on line as I knew I was due a refund!

OK quick dance of joy !!! Yay got it!! Tracy you are a star thank you so much I have been round the houses with this one!

Are these the forms you want?